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Acres U.S.A Publishing

Acres U.S.A. has been a leading publisher of books and information in support of commercial-scale organic/sustainable farmers since the early 1970s, long before other publishers “discovered” organic. It's always valued substance and depth, honored the wishes and intentions of our authors, and put our mission before profit.

Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isha'at Islam Lahore U.S.A.

Based in Dublin, Ohio, USA the Ahmadiyya Socierty for the propagation of Islam is devoted to the presentation of Islam through literary & missionary work. It is part of the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam Lahore Pakistan. The Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement since it's inception in 1914, it has produced a range of highly acclaimed standard books on all aspects of Islam. The literature produced by the Anjuman, largely written by Maulana Muhammad Ali, the famous translator of the Holy Quran into English, is research work of the highest quality, based purely on the original sources of Islam. It has corrected many wrong notions about the religion of Islam, and has received worldwide acclaim for its authenticity, scholarship & service of faith.


Anshan is a well established independent STM publisher whose aim is to bring prestigious UK and international authors to the attention of booksellers, librarians, academics and researchers, in education and in industry, and to make their work available around the world at an affordable, competitive price.


Balloonview develops contract and sponsored publishing for educational suppliers, and also publishes self help and personal development books.

Bene Factum Publishing

An independent British non-fiction publisher specialising in biographies, business, general information, travel and company histories. Many books are highly illustrated and the list includes some first class travel writing.

Break The Habit Press

BTH will publish books with a social slant, covering topics that we feel need to be challenged.

Bookmark Remainders Ltd

Bookmark Remainders Limited - a company specialising in publishers remainders, bargain books and promotional reprints. All titles offered represent significant savings on the original published price. These titles are overstocks, warehouse clearances and end of print runs and are all offered in mint condition.

Burke Publishing

Academic publishers specializing in Fashion, Project Management, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. The Fashion Design Series promotes fashion design skills and techniques which can be effectively applied in the world of fashion and design.

Canbury Press

Canbury Press publishes books on politics, history, health and the environment. Martin Hickman, formerly a journalist with The Independent, founded the company in 2013 with the aim of popularising challenging contemporary non-fiction.

Classical Comics

Classical Comics is a British publisher of graphic novel adaptations of the great works of literature, including Shakespeare, Charlotte Brontë and Dickens. All of the volumes will be published as graphic novels. Art is being provided by British artists, most of whom have a long history of working in British comics. Some of the releases, in particular the Shakespeare, will come in three different versions: the original text, plain text and quick text, designed to allow readers with different needs to pick the version that bests suits them.

Commonwealth Educational Trust

CET is built on the premise that education is the foundation for development. Its purpose is to advance primary and secondary education across the Commonwealth with a strong focus on teacher professional development. It encourages innovation and shares best practice from across the Commonwealth to assist teachers and young people develop the understanding and skills to contribute to the development of sustainable communities.

Distanz Publishing

Distanz Publishing releases books on the visual arts as photography, architecture and design and fashion of the 20th and 21st century. Distanz also produces artists, monographs and anthologies in collaboration with prestigious editors and authors.

Duckworth Literary Entertainments

In 1998, Duckworth Literary Entertainments (DLE) was established by Duckworth, and its first publications produced two movies of merit: Iris, based on the life of Iris Murdoch written by her husband John Bayley, which won an Oscar; and Layer Cake, which led to Daniel Craig becoming the next James Bond.

DLE is the bearer of the current New Duckworth imprints, albeit with a much expanded publishing brief, as befits the empowerment provided by the internet, and the new challenges the world faces. The Plan to turn Duckworth - one of the great independent, free-thinking, freely-expressive names in British publishing - into an internet-based, low-cost, worldwide publisher of texts that help define and promote the Future, under our new triple-banner Informational : Inspirational : Entertaining is now in place – Welcome to the New World of the Duck!

EAR books

With earBOOKS, edel is a pioneer and innovator in the book market. The combination of large-format photographic picture books and music on a related theme provides a tangible new product with emotional impact- at an appealing price.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Encyclopaedia Britannica has been a leading reference publisher since 1768. The flagship 32 volume print set is probably the best known product, but a growing number of other titles, from single volume adult and children's titles to 60 volume sets are also published. CD/DVD titles and an impressive online subscription service have become important additions to the product list in the last 10 years, and Britannica is increasingly a content provider, issuing rights and licensing and producing bespoke titles for other publishers and retail chains. 

English Speech & Pronunciation

Dedicated to the teaching, promotion and enjoyment of good English, well spoken with a good standard English accent. They teach the very best English speech and pronunciation in two ways – through our English Speech and Pronunciation Course and through live Personal Tutorials. They also combine entertainment and continuing education through their delightful Educated English Audiobook series. 

Fairlight Books

Fairlight Books is a UK indie publishing house set up in 2017 to publish, support, and nurture writers of literary fiction. Focused on quality rather than quantity, they publish a small list of exceptionally talented writers, many of whom are debut authors.

One of their key aims is to find new ways to make literary fiction more accessible, by bringing innovation to the sector and by doing what they can to support the UK's indie bookstores. The brand new Fairlight Moderns series were published in July 2018.

George Ronald Publisher

George Ronald was founded by David Hofman in 1943, in order to make available a wider range of literature on Bahá'í subjects. To begin with there were only occasional publications, but in 1947, after consultation with Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian of the Bahá'í Faith, and with the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the British Isles, the business was set up full-time. The publishing of Bahá'í books has greatly expanded since the 1980s, and the variety of books that it publishes is widening all the time.

Graffeg Books

Publishing books started for Graffeg in 2003 and it has since produced and published over 100 illustrated books with titles about food, arts, culture, heritage and architecture, gardens, landscapes, photography, sport and lifestyle. Authors include best selling writers, award winning photographers and illustrators with international reputations. Graffeg books has won awards and received critical acclaim in both national, regional press and media... and produces stunning books, notecards and calendars.

Graffito Books

Graffito Books is a London-based independent publisher which publishes books on contemporary visual culture - from street art to fashion, food and design.

Grange Books

Grange Books Ltd is a family run business, which has been trading in the discount and promotional book markets since 1972. It’s long history of buying and selling publishers’ remainders and overstocks, as well as producing its own wide range of titles, has given it an enviable reputation for quality and service. Grange Books Ltd is now acting as an ‘umbrella’ for the following two companies:-

Greenwich Book Co Ltd trading in traditional remainder products;
Greenvale Books Ltd trading in remainder, bargain books and products;

These two companies work hand in hand with each other to ensure that their customers receive the best service. Both represent each other as well as selling and distributing together to offer the widest possible selections and convenience.

Hammersmith Press

Hammersmith Press is an independent publishing house producing books for the general public and health professionals that promote better health and well-being through a greater understanding of the human body and mind, with a particular emphasis on the importance of nutrition and diet.

Handheld Press

Handheld Press is an independent publisher with a passion for finding forgotten stories and telling the world about them. We reprint authors and books that have undeservedly fallen out of print, with notes and critical introductions in plain English written by experts. We publish the research passions of scholars whose stories clamour to be told. We publish English translations of old and new fiction and non-fiction.

Hawkins Publishing Services

With 32 years experience in all aspects of Book Sales to the Book Trade and beyond. We offer publishing and business services to any publisher who requires any of the following. Sales & Marketing, Distribution with CBS, Head Office Presentations, Key accounts presentations, Bookshop visits where appropriate, Special sales and much more! Leaving you the Publisher to do what you do best, Publish Books. Need Any Help?


Hoberman Collection

'The Gerald & Marc Hoberman Collection' is an international specialist publisher of award-winning photographic travel books and allied products. The Hobermans' quest is fuelled by a passion for sharing their positive vision of the world through photography. Their thirst for adventure has led them increasingly far from home, to cover a variety of subjects, such as the majestic tiger in its natural habitat, the frozen splendour of the Arctic tundra, the spectacular deserts of Namibia and the vibrancy of the city of New York and its people. Their prolific work includes commissions to photograph Her Majesty's Fortress, The Tower of London, Kensington Palace and Hampton Court, and has appeared in publications such as Vogue, Time-Life, The New York Times, Connoisseur, Harper's & Queens and Geo magazines.

ICE Publishing

ICE Publishing is the publishing business of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), producing specialist books, journals and electronic content for those working in the civil engineering and construction market world-wide.

Their publications include:


The ICE Virtual Library website is the most comprehensive civil engineering resource in the world.

Kiosk Publishing

Kiosk publishes books about creativity. Their stylish texts offer imaginative solutions to the contemporary creative. From beginner to experience practitioner, everyone can benefit from these encouraging and practical volumes. ‘Put it in your pocket, it will change your life.’

London Stereoscopic Company

The origins of the London Stereoscopic Company date back to the 1850s when it started selling stereo views and viewers to the public, and led the boom of stereo photographs of every conceivable subject. These images, viewed through a stereoscope, presented scenes in life-like three dimensions; in a world which had never experienced television, the movies, or the Internet, this was understandably a revelation. After the initial boom the company diversified but struggled and sadly dissolved in 1922.

Brian May of Queen bought the company, and since 2008 has brought it back to life through a series of beautifully produced books with stereo photographs which can be viewed with the the famous OWL stereoscope, designed by him. All the books are in 3-D, but the subjects covered range widely in subject matter from fashion to the space race, and in time from the Victorian period to the present day, and include the celebrated bestseller Queen in 3-D, written and photographed by Brian May.

Lotus Publishing

Lotus Publishing were established in 2002 by publisher Jonathan Hutchings and author Chris Jarmey. Spotting a gap in the market for books for bodyworkers aimed at students / early practitioners, they have an established best-seller in "The Concise Book of Muscles" which has now sold almost 35,000 copies worldwide since publication in 2003. Working with US independent publisher, North Atlantic Books, who handle their worldwide distribution outside of the UK, Lotus are set to grow over the coming years, with innovative book ideas for the bodyworker / therapist market.

Management Books 2000

Management Books 2000 is a leading international publisher and distributor of management guides, text books and references. Whatever kind of management advice or assistance you are seeking you will find something for you in their list.

Meze Publishing

Meze Publishing is the vision of Paul Cocker and Phil Turner who have a vast number of years experience in the publishing industry. Meze is an award-winning publisher of high quality cook books with a passion for food & drink.

New Academic Science

New Academic Science is a newly established U.K. based STM publisher offering high level text and reference titles to the academic community. Written by leading scientists and academic professionals affiliated to prestigious institutions worldwide, NAS books bring into focus innovative research and the latest teaching theories and concepts. An excellent team of editors and production specialists ensures that NAS titles are well illustrated, produced and suitably priced for a  worldwide readership.

Northcote House

Publishers of the acclaimed series WRITERS AND THEIR WORK which has brought to a fine art the short study of individual authors and genres. Launched in 1994 in association with the British Council and written by the foremost critics of the day, the series runs to more than 100 titles in print with a further 100 in preparation. Each title offers an exemplary model of the original critical assessment of major writing in English with a particular emphasis on living and post-colonial writers. In addition NORTHCOTE HOUSE has a small but growing list in the fields of education and educational dance and drama.

Peter Owen Publishers

Peter Owen started his company, aged 24, six years after the Second World War. He ran the business from home, with a typewriter as his only equipment. Soon, however, the company started to flourish, enabling him to employ some staff, and he was able to bring some of the very best international literature to what was a very insular British market. In the decades since then, Peter Owen Publishers continues the tradition of producing new and interesting writing. The company has published ten Nobel Prize winners and boasts a backlist that includes some of the most talented and important writers from all over the world.

RIBA Publishing

RIBA Publishing is one of the leading providers of high quality information for architects and other built environment professionals. With over 35 years' experience, RIBA publishes authoritative and practical information for our market, from good practice, legal and management guides to technical design guides, and anything in between.

Rio Press

Rio Press believe that being able to communicate in English is the single most important work and life skill that any person can have. Its goal is to help the world learn Vocational English – the language of the work place. Rio Press provides English language learners worldwide with the highest quality Vocational English learning materials, so that they can successfully develop their careers in rewarding and productive occupations. With focus on the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America and to date Rio Press has established a distribution and sales network in over 40 countries.

Ruby Tuesday Books

Publishers of a growing range of fun and exciting Childrens books, to spark a love of reading and discovery.

Rupa Publications

In its 80th year, Rupa works include some of the most promising young writers at work today, many of its books should appeal to readers and bibliophiles everywhere. Rupa has recently published a series celebrating the writings of the great masters of Indian literature: Timeless Malgudi: The Very Best of R.K. Narayan, as well as the works of Ruskin Bond and Abdul Kalam. There is also Red Turtle, it's children’s imprint, which includes beautifully illustrated and designed books such as Babayan, by Kiku Adatto; The Tigers of Taboo Valley, by Ranjit Lal; and translations from Satyajit Ray entitled The Magic Moonlight Flower and Other Stories.

RIBA Publishing

RIBA Publishing is one of the leading providers of high quality information for architects and other built environment professionals. With over 35 years' experience, we publish authoritative and practical information for our market, from good practice, legal and management guides to technical design guides, and anything in between.

Spikehorn Press

Spikehorn Press was born of a desire to promote the work of dedicated makers who respect and build upon time-honored skills, to inspire a new generation of innovation, provide actionable information for self-change, and to revel in the quirky side of human creativity which gifts a spark of creativity and zest to living. They publish innovative non-fiction works for crafty, hands-on readers which will inspire, inform and distract, particularly through offering practical advice within niche topics overlooked or ignored by mainstream publishing.

Splendid Books

Independent publisher Splendid Books Limited was founded in 2008. The company focuses largely on entertainment, autobiographical, history and behind-the scenes on film and television titles. Its varied list includes: Only Fools and Horses: The Official Inside Story, A Greater Love, Postcards From A Rock and Roll Tour, The British Television Location Guide and Catching Bullets: Memoirs of a Bond Fan.

Swedenborg Society

The Swedenborg Society is a publisher, library, events space, museum, bookshop and registered charity. In addition to organising events, lectures, conferences, exhibitions, performances and film screenings; it also publishes a large selection of literature relating to the work of the philosopher, scientist, inventor, astronomer, mathematician, parliamentary figure and visionary Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772).

teNeues Publishing UK

The teNeues brand has been synonymous with pictorial calendars for more than five decades. Internationally their products are well known for the best possible quality, innovation and outstanding design. teNeues counts among the world's leading book publishers in the areas of illustrated books on photography, design, lifestyle and travel.

Oldie Publications

The idea for the Oldie was cooked up 25 years ago by its founding editor, Richard Ingrams, and his much-lamented successor, the late Alexander Chancellor. Their aim was to create a free-thinking, funny magazine, a light-hearted alternative to a press obsessed with youth and celebrity. The Oldie is ageless and timeless, free of retirement advice, crammed with rejuvenating wit, intelligence and delight. It has a loyal, ever-growing readership and publishes The Best of The Oldie Cartoons and the Annual 2019 - The Pick of the All-Time Best.

Urbane Publications

A new and exciting independent publisher dedicated to developing and producing the books you want to read – hip, contemporary, ground-breaking fiction and non-fiction designed to entertain, excite, and engage.

Waitrose & Partners

Since 1951, The Good Food Guide has featured the best restaurants, pubs and cafés across the UK. Each year, the Guide is completely rewritten and compiled from scratch. All reviews are based on the huge volume of feedback received from readers and this, together with anonymous expert inspections, ensures that every entry is assessed afresh. The Good Food Guide book is published annually in September by Waitrose & Partners.

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